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takes an awkward turn.. when phe groom topples the bride. their kiss certainly left the audiince gasping.... and then laughing.thankfully, she's no bridezilla... she plays off the moment... and then the happy couple go in for another kiss. ///animation---shooting// barnn is off tonight. the parents of the boy hurt in the their son is recovering.. but he remains frightened over what happened. keith daniels, live at shock trauma with an update on the injured student's condition condition.. while his classmates are rrmembering him tonight.. keith. keith. karen..... daniel borowy ((o-roar-ee) has gone through urgery.. and is recovering tonighh in critical, but stable ondition. he's described as an athhetic student.. but tonight.. of course.. he
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missed his school's first foottall game. game. the perry hall gators took on st. paul's crusaders tonight.. just four days after the shooting in the school's cafeteria..... it's tough. exciting grid iron play on the field.. while 17-year-old daniel, who has down syndrome, recooers from his injuries. doctors say he uffered a bruised ung and a fractured rib.. his muscles re damaged and there's a hole in hisschest. baltimore county police sayy 15-year--ld robert gladden shot daniel in the back with a shotgun in the school's cafeteriaamonday. tonight, at the game, studentt and parents say they're struggling to get things back to normal. ///////////////////sot////////// / (ms. setzer/parent) "i think it's greet. i think the kids need to get back to normal as mucc as possible. i know the kids were excited to come out tonight.. show the unity and show their supporr for the school."(sabrina/student) "i know everyone is still hurt inssde, but everyone is petting through it.. we're all coming together, it's awesome." /////////////sot out///////////////// the young suspect in this case has yet to appear in bond &pcourt. officials say he's still undergoiig a mental evaluation. live at shock
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news late edition. for fox 45's comppete coverage of the perry hall high school shooting, head to our website, fox baltimore dot com and look for perry hall shooting under the hot topics bbnner at the top of the page. 3 3 we have breaking news tonight about a failed escape attempt that caused one man to fall three stories out a hospital window in annapolis. within the last hour we've leerned that police idennified the man as bradly poure and say he was rushed to shock trauma after he fell more than 30 feet. the man was being anne arundel medical center he equipment threw it through the window and then jumped out. poure was abeing held on assault charges. 3 the jury has ended deliberations forrthe night in thh case of two men accused in the deadly shooting last year at the towson town center. &pcenter.frann williams and
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william ward both face handgun, conspiracy and first degree murder charges. proseccuors described the two as a killing team. williams is allegedly the one that put the hit out on 19 year old victim rodney pridget, as a retaliation shooting.ward is accused of being part of the black guerilla family gang, and overseeing the murder. earlier this week prosecutors presented viieo surveillancc of the two suspects following pridget momenns before the deadly shooting. thee9-1-1 calls from the howard county train derailment reveal that the witnesses were unaware that two teens had &pjust been killed. kathleen cairns has the new developments tonight from ellicott city: while main street is open and the downnown seems to have returned to normal... there are some major changes.... like this new fencing has been keep peeple out. howard county police were in-undated with 9-1-1- calls when the train derailed in the middle of the night last week.
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9-thousand tons of coal spilled when the cars derailed. witnesses were quick to tell dispatchers about the damage from the train.... none of thhm were aware thht two teens were buried below the coal... and dead. (dispatcher):howard co 911(caller) im in ellicott city and the train just fell over. (dispatch) wheee is it sir?(caller) elliiott city the train fell over. the train fell off the tracks(dispatch) is it on the tracks?(caller) no it derailed!!!" tonight, there are also additionall police patrols.. to prevent any tresspassing on thee tracks. lv in ec kc fox 45 news --late edition. a cherry hill pastor and activiss says she's the target f vandalism. 72-year old cleoda walker believes the people hired to protect residents... are now targeting her! the worr "dead" and an expletive were spray paiited
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on the hood of walker's car outside her cherry hill apartment.walker believes the &pvandalism was done in retaliation by some security guards ho watch over the neighborhood. walker and others recenlty filed a 25-million dollar lawsuit against the security company after complaints ttat some of the guards were making iilegal stops and false arrests. 3 3 police are investigating the incident. e contacted the security company... tenable protective services...but no one called us back. 3 3 ((car raccs)) races))the second annual baltimore grand prix is now pfficially underway.there are a lot of things to do plenty of beer. but die hard fans...are really here for one reason. the experience...of
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high speed racing. (gore) "i mean it's such a great venue, the fact that you race by camden yards, you're right here by the inner harbor, what a great backdrop to a race." race."too early to tell if the crowds this year...willexceed that of last year.but "race on" officials aren't concerned. they have a five year contract baltimore's mayor and racing executivesgathered at baltimore's convention center this morning for the official kick-off of the race.mayor stephanie rawlings-blake greeted supportersand the paddock area. she says the city is hoping to capitalize on the national publicity generated from last year's race.. (mayor) "people saw a whole new side of baltimore with cars running along our inner harbor and our skyline in the background, it was beautiiul." beautiful."the mayor says last year's race generatedtens of millions of dollars for baltimore. that brings us to our question of the you think the grand prix will be more successful than last year. year. juut go to our facebook
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page to join in on the debate. good weather to start the holiday eekend. weekend. here's emily gracey with her first look at the skywatch forecass. 3
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bad day at harvard.... the university is investigating claims ... of widespread's estimated that nearly half the students in an undergraduate class last spring... may have plagiarized or collaaorated on their take-homeeexam.the school says ttose found guilty offacademic dishonesty could be forced to withdraw from the college for a year... and face ther disciplinary actions. ace 3& good day for strippers in canada trying to further their education. the ccuus in windsor are offering to paa part of the college tuition for women who agree to dance n stage. new canadian law is now making it more urgent for them to find dancees...and they thought this was the best way to find talent....since its becoming illegal for them to hire women from other countries. owners say their looking for a better caliber of entertainers. "a smart girl that's looking ahead, that's not just walking around going 'jeez what am i gonna do', we're trying to find dancees that want to be be" better."the clubs will pay
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over 17-hundred dollars per semester and the dancerr have to maintain a b-plus average. and a bad day in a new york city neighborhood.the rodent problem has gotten so bad...that someone put a rat crossing sign to warn residents.thh infestation got worse recently after renovations were done at a home in the neighborhood. 3 when you ave to wlk on the other side of the street when you are walking your dogs because its so bad... its pretty disgusting. 3 3 the convention may be over but the campaign is still moving into high gear.where mitt romney was looking for votes today. getting a better picture of the damaae left by hurricane isaac. why the danger is far from over. less
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. hours after his acceptance
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speech in tampa.. republiian presidential nominee mitt romney was in storm ravaged louisiana. and as doug mckelway reports republican v-p pick paul ryan and president obama hit up two other states. states. -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- ---------- one day after accepting the g-o-p nomination for the presidential bid, mitt ryan hit the road. the former massachusettssgovernor squeezing in a last minute trip to storm ravaged louisiana... joining up with governor booby jindal to witness the impact of hurricane "isaac" and meet with first responders to thank them for their work.romney says: "did the water come from the sky? from the rivers? or from the ocean with the tidaa surge...or all of the above?" meantime, paul ryan, making his way to a political rally in richmond, virginia. ryan says: "you're going to decide what you want this country to be. we owe you this."biden says: "they said last night thht things weren't getting better. i guess they don't know what's happening in this valley." vice president biden, firing back at the g---p ticket in lordstown, ohio. and the president, ánotá on an official campaign event...
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making remarks to troops at fort bliss, texas to mark two years since america's combat role in iraq ended.obama says: "in every major phase of that war, you were there - the iron soldiers. because of your speed and strength, americaa troops topled a dictator in less than a month. because of your committment, you stayed pn extended tours and went back tour after tour year after year."(mckelway on cam tag) mister bama returns to the campaign trail tomorrow with appearances in iowa. white house press secretary jay carney announccng the presiient will head to louisiana on monday to check out the impact from isaac. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. as the weather begins to clear .... people get a good look at what isaac left behind. some areas received closs to twenty inches of rain... putting pressure on dams and levees in low lying areas. the floods surprising not only residents... but those in charge of rescuing them. mos2 says: "i was ok at first but afterrit got soohigh we
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knew we had to go." davis says:"because we thought ooer but at somm point last night as you'reeaware the storm turned and we started to flood waters started coming back on us usmississippi governor hil bryant is discussing the fate of a dam. in order to ease pressure on the daa .. crews pumped out but residents near the river are being asked to leavv their homes ... just in case the waters rise. 3
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this is one daycare you wouldn't want to send your kids. what a worker there was caught doing in her backyard that landed her bbhind bars. and why she said she did it. you might want to take a second look in the mirror when dressing for the beach. the advice expertssare giving you just in time for your labor day weekend. 3
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common sense says you shouldn't grow marijuana in your backyardd especially if your are a daycare center. center.but that's what parents in one washington neighborhood were faced after finding out police arrested their children's daycare provider for nottonly growing pot...but for selling it to high schoolers. teens tolddpolice all they had to do was knock on the door and they'd get it. "oh my god, i can't believe this is going on, and i an't &pbelieve iiallowed my daughter to be in a place where this was happening, but i didn't know anything about it."
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it."when police confronted the suspect she admitted to selling pot to highschoolers...sayinn it was safer than other drugs and that it would e legalized in thh near future... so she was just getting a jump start on the competition.officials also say theedaycare provider did ánotá have a daycare license. if your going to wear something skimpy at the beach....common sense says be ready for stares. experts say be during the hot days of to - summer...but it can also be a miserable experience if you don't observe properrbeach etiquette. "when it comes to dressing for understanddthat certain beaches around the world have certain clothing etiquette and rules. american beaches are a lot different than the south the beach and you wear something very skimpy, or you wear something very revealing,, youucan't be offended if someone gawks or looks at you. &pand you can't feel uncomfortable that way." way."with labor day weekend already starting
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experts say beach attire is ánotá the time to dress to impress. 3 3 next time you're stressed you might want to come here for relief. the place that won the guiness world record for the most massages. 3 & thailand's wwrld enownee
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massage therapists have set a &pworld recorr for massaging th most people. millions of foreign tourists visst the country every year for medical and spa treatments. but it was the 641 pairs of thai masseuses who got thailand into the guinness book of world records. the event opened the thailand medical expo....which promotes thaillnd's herbal spa and medical services around the world. the record beats out the previous record of 263 australian pairs in 20-10. 3 rain moving in later in thee weekend but what about the rest of the week? here's emily her seven day forec. 3& you can be in charge of your own
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personalized forecast. i-radar is nowwavailable at foxbaltimore dot com. use the interactive tools to track coming torms down to your street. go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on i-radar 3& a major recall today.. nearly a million mangos... sold at costco, ralph's, kroger,,aldi and whole ffods... are being recalled due to threat of salmonella. the mangos affected have a "daniella" brand sticker... and wwre sold between juuy 12th and august 29th. if you think you have the recalled fruit... you're aaked to throw it out or return it to the store. mark reynolds plays his best game all season...see if his performance got the orioles a crucial win n new york...
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unlimited...with morgan adsit - 3 p3 anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it.
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four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. that's it for me. now here's
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morgan adsit with sports unlimited the orioles are still in line for one of two american league wildcards...after these nnxt 33 games in n-y-c....he wildcard could be irrelevant.because the o's are just three games back from the east lead... up 1-0...mark reynolds hammers it to left...reaches the 2nd deck for his 13th home run... o's up saw him ith the's reynolds with the glove..robs russell martin of a base hit...2 clutch plays by the o's first baseman.... miguel gonzalez on the mouud for the first time since should'veepitched more... strikes out eric chavez in the batter...russell swisher...swisher struck out 44 times...gonzalez career best 9 punch outs in 7 shutout
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innings....bottom 8...more glove love from reynnlds... diving stop...gets it to darren o'day in time.... reynolds can also hit 2 home runs in a of the 9th...reynolds hits his 2nd long ball...14th of the year... orioles up -0...they take the first of 3 in new york...6-1... a-l east standing....the o's are only 2 games behind the yankees for first place...tampa bay falls to 4 and a half back with its loss to toronto... it's called a 53-man roster for a reason.only 53 playerr per n-f-l team.704 players around the league got theeax. john harbaugh and staff waited just before the 9 p-m deadline to turn the roster in.22 players cut... 8 of those can land on the practice squad.
11:31 pm'' some big names &pcut...running back anthony allen.a 7th rrund pick last season... didn't run the ball well... and doesn't do special teams.omar brown... brown made some plays this a practice squad candidate.nigel carr gone.q-b curtis painter the same fate.he threw 3 piccs last night.receiver llgan payne... and linebacker chavis williams... who was on the practice squad last season. season. here's some guys added to the injured reserve...bbscially have life thanks to injuries..running back damien berry.o-lineman justin boren.... who had plenty of reps this preseason all over the line.and 6th receiver tommy streeter... here'' harbaugh on this difficult process. 3 high school game of the week time...brought
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varsity sports network dot com. we are littrally kicking oof the ssason tonight. tonight.high school footbaal... hereford at north moon tonight.... 2nd quarter...nnrth harford down 7...nic haamer fires to the end zone...sean jackson makes a great catch for the touchdown...hawks tie it at jones airs it out to zach sandusky...takes it iiside thh 10...settinn up a hereford score...they led 14-7.... opening kick of the 2nd half... adam cerbelli gathers it for the bulls...fiids a hole... breaks it to the outsidee.. beats the kicker down tte sideline...all the way to paydirt...hereford on top 21-7...thhy beat the hawks 28-10... that's all for spprts unlimited...i'm morran adsit... thanks for watching...have a great night night 3
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oh, good morning, dr. baird. good morning, regular person lemon. oh, hey, are you around this weekend? uh, maybe we could have that date we talked-- yes. okay. uh, how 'bout...friday? oh, no, friday i have a how 'bout saturday? saturday, uh...okay. i guess that doesn't have to be weird. okay then.

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